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We Offer The Highest Quality Cannabis

Hopes and Greens is here to serve our patients through an all-encompassing wellness dispensary. We offer daily specials, veteran discounts, senior discounts, and a customer loyalty program. We offer telemed recommendation services on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1-7pm (appointments suggested). Hours of operation are 10am – 8pm Monday through Saturday. We carry everything from flower to oils, tinctures to shatter. Notify us ahead of your visit and we can have your order waiting for you.

Our mission is to help you find your best blend to live your best life!

Locally Sourced
Beautifully Served

From the Grower to the Grind, we carefully select product we can be proud of, that will provide the effects desired by our patients. We strive to go the extra mile in finding the best grower and the best product to suit your needs.

Our Varieties

We offer a wide range of edibles, from brownies, gummies, and chocolates, to cereal bars, hard candies, and suckers. We also carry concentrates such as RSO oil, shatter, vape cartridges, tinctures, and tonics. If you prefer the old school way, we have over a dozen strains of flower from low to high THC levels to conquer your needs and wants from cannabis.


Our quality Sativa will provide a great source of energy, pain relief, and an uplifted focused feeling to help get you through the day. This variety is mostly known for its cerebral effect and can usually be the culprit to those in-depth conversations and uncontrollable laughing highs.


Our hybrid products are a great combination of the Sativa and Indica strains to balance the qualities of both. Hybrids come in a wide variety, from 95% Sativa/5% Indica, all the way to 95% Indica/5% Sativa. While the Sativa dominant hybrids can give you a head high and also relax the body, Indica dominant hybrids lean more towards relief of full-body pain with a cerebral high on top of it. You can also find 50/50 hybrids that have a perfectly balanced effect from both strains.


This product which provides a full body relaxation, will surely put you “In da couch”. The Indica strains may help you finally get a full night’s rest, all while helping relieve pain and other symptoms. This variety, unlike its Sativa counterpart, is mainly known for the effect it has on the body itself, and having a heavier feel.

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